Another Walker Advertising Peg & Worm

Well, actually another Walker Advertising Worm, as the peg wasn’t present.

Over the last week or so, there has been a corkscrew lot on eBay that within it, contained a Walker advertising corkscrew without the peg.

What was particularly interesting, is the ad on the corkscrew was one that I don’t remember seeing.

It was for Pederson Merc. Co., in Moorhead, Minnesota.

So, I started to do a little digging while the bidding was taking place to find out who Pederson Merc. was.

It didn’t take much to find that Pederson Merc, is Pederson Mercantile, and Pederson Mercantile was a liquor distributor in Minnesota.

Digging a little deeper… in 1890 North Dakota declared itself a dry state. And, Minnesota was NOT a dry state, but North Dakota allowed for its residents to buy alcohol through the mail, and Pederson Mercantile capitalized on this.

Also, interesting, that the Walker worm is not the only corkscrew upon which Pederson Mercantile advertising can be found…

The auction ended a couple of nights ago, and I WASN’T the high bidder.

But, I know who was…

We shall see if a deal can’t be struck…

Stay tuned.

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