Circuitous Routes… and a friend in the know!

So, a couple of weeks ago, Tommy and I made a trade. And, in short order (not typical by the way) Tommy’s corkscrew was boxed up and send priority mail to his address in Illinois.

After a couple of days, I double checked tracking and our much beloved USPS showed that the package had been delivered…

to Seattle.

I double checked the address to which I sent the package, and it was indeed addressed correctly.

The next morning, the tracking showed the package was now in Kent, Washington!

A few hours later, it showed the the package had departed and was enroute to its destination.

I worked under the assumption that would be Tommy’s address, but who knows…?

I mean apparently the postal service thought sending the package from Vinalhaven to Seattle before getting to Illinois was a good idea. Where was it REALLY headed?

Word from Tommy this morning, was the package had been received.

Meanwhile, the corkscrew that was supposed to be received in Vinalhaven in return, also had gone missing, and after a bit of his own tracking, Tommy found that the package intended for me was delivered to the Vinalhaven post office a couple of days ago.

I picked it up yesterday, and not only was there the traded corkscrew, but it was packaged up nicely as the corkscrew would have intended to be in 1903. Attached to a bottle!

And in this case, a bottle of Goose Island Bourbon County Stout!

A wonderful addition to the Lowenstein Patent Collection!!!

Thanks for the bonus gift TC, and I love how you attached the “Bottle Attachment!”


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