Best Six Wishlist for 2022

I will preface this by saying that what tops my list for 2022 is an end to the pandemic, and a hope that we will be able to replace social distancing with social embracing…

That said, as I have done in the past, there are a few corkscrews that I would love add to the collection this year, and once again, it is time to publish the best six wishlist.

For years, a couple have remained on my wishlist, and… they still have remained elusive, so they STILL remain on the wishlist.

Last year, I published the following wishlist:

And, I was fortunate enough to add 3 of the 6; A Jenner, a Ladies Friend, and a new discovery from the back of O’Leary…

And, I will add here, that there are lots of corkscrews that would be welcome additions to the collection, and, you just never know what will turn up next. But, let’s just throw it out there…

Here is the best six wishlist for 2022!

Frary Sullivan

Something from the back of O’Leary

Frary with can opener

Lowenstein patent advertising “Golden Harvest Whiskey.”
In the patent drawing, that is how the patent is illustrated with that advertisement.

1883 White patent.
As mentioned in the past, I did once find a White patent in the wilds of Iowa, but it was broken. Still, there has to be others out there.

Zeilin patent: pictured on page 63 of O’Leary and marked, “ONE TEASPOONFULL PARRISHS HYPOPHOSPHITES, J.H. ZEILIN & CO. PHILA, PA”

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