Another year of corkscrewing around…

While we still await a return to normalcy in the midst of the ongoing pandemic, we did manage to have a few adventures this year, mostly within Maine, and we did venture further afield as guidelines would allow.

Three shots in, (or six, if you take both of us into consideration) we are both boosted, and continue to wear masks as required.

And, this year there were indeed corkscrews bought, sold, traded, auctioned, discovered and acquired.

That said, with antique shows cancelled, travel limitations, and many of our interactions (including our ICCA AGM) being held via Zoom, lots of the corkscrews that found their way in to (or out of) the collection were discovered online.

Although, we did make it Brimfield for the first time in two years, and to our in person meeting at the JFO, which was awesome!

The twisted treasures are still out there to be discovered, and we hope that soon enough, we will be able to make it back into the wild… to Brimfield… to Union… to Bucharest…etc.

Let’s hope that the new year brings a little less, “You’re on mute,” and “Can I share my screen?” and a little more raising a glass with one another…

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