Pie Crimper and Can Opener with Corkscrew…

In 2012, John Morris gave an O’Leary-update presentation at the ICCA AGM in Chicago. For those of you unfamiliar with John’s series of updates. Every few years, he puts together a presentation of new American corkscrew discoveries or patent variations that appear in the back of Fred O’Leary’s book on American corkscrews (fondly referred to at B.O.O., Back of O’Leary) which shows all of the known American patent drawings for corkscrews, cork extractors, wine openers, etc.

Now, there have been a few corkscrew patents that aren’t shown in the front nor the back of O’Leary’s book on American patented corkscrews, but Fred did capture nearly all of them.

And, of course, also in the back of O’Leary there is a section on patent wannabes; corkscrews with Pat. Pend., Pat. Applied For., or similar markings, but no patent has been found–although–sometimes later, a patent has been found.

There hasn’t been an update since 2016, but I know that John is keeping a list, as he mentioned it to me the other day.

That said, in his 2012 update mentioned earlier, there was a pie crimper with corkscrew that I have been after ever since first seeing his example.

5 years ago, I found a similar can opener lacking the pie crimper with a PAT APL’D FOR mark, but that somehow made its way into someone else’s collection at that year’s AGM–I am pretty sure it was Martha who picked it up for John.

Yesterday, a deal was struck for a matching pair or PAT APL’D FOR can openers, both with fold out corkscrews. And one with the pie crimper!

You just never know what will turn up next!

The hunt continues…

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