I must admit, that I tend to focus too much on variations.

So, it absolutely delights me to know that I am not alone in this…

Not too long ago, I had picked up a COMBI opener corkscrew combination that is a Japanese patent.

And, knowing a fellow collector had just missed out on one, I sent him a message explaining that a COMBI was on its way from Japan.

Note, that this piece has COMBI into the handle and a mark of H.C STAINLESS STEEL.

When it arrived, I packed it up with another corkscrew and sent it off to the aforementioned collector.

The other day, I received a message that while he was cataloging the piece, he noticed something…

Apparently there are two versions of this, not that anyone cares about two 1976 patented COMBI corkscrews from Japan…but, the version that he had missed out on, and the version that is in SCREWBASE, has COMBI written in the reverse.

Not IBMOC mind you, but it is cast in the opposite direction.

COMBI with the C closest to the opener, and COMBI with the C opposite the bottle opener…and, no H.C. STAINLESS STEEL…

Two variations of the same patent…

One response

  1. “not that anyone cares….” but 3 variations!. I have the Screwbase version WITH the “H.C. Stainless steel”. Japanese corkscrews are HOT HOT HOT!

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