I was the high bidder for a moment…

Over the past few weeks, there has been a remarkable Singleton corkscrew on an online auction site.

And, while it isn’t your folding version of the Singleton, it was signed, and Silver, and had some fantastic engraving to it reading “Drink and Drive Care Away.”

I placed a bid, and was the high bidder for a few days.

Yesterday, the auction went to live bidding, and my high bid was taken out in short order.

And, I watched, poised to bid.

And, then watched the auction climb price as a flurry of bids quickly surpassed my poised to bid bid.

The winning bid hit 2800 Euros (just $2,990 US).

And, while the bidder’s names were masked, I have no doubt it will turn in someone’s best 6 for this year.

A fantastic piece.

As an aside, the engraved message on the corkscrew, “Drink and Drive Care Away” is a line in an 18th century drinking song Old Chiron:

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