The Perfect Cork Extractor

From an 1890 issue of Iron Age

The Perfect Cork Extractor

Alford & Berkele Company, 77 Chambers street, New York are introducing a cork extractor, as illustrated herewith, and manufactured by E. Donally, Sixteenth street and Third avenue, New York. The body of the extractor is made of a flat strip of metal, the upper end of which is looped over a handle,

Fig. 1.–The Perfect Extractor

while at a short distance from its lower end are outward and upward extending claws ; another set of similar claws being arranged at a point higher up on the strip, Fig. 1.  The extractor is designed to pull corks from the inside of bottles, 

Fig. 2.–The Perfect Cork Extractor as Used.

jugs, demijohns, &c, as illustrated in Fig. 2.  It is stated the operator does not have to see the cork, nor hunt for it as the extractor does both without assistance.  The handle has one tapering end, to be used in forcing the cork down into the bottle, in case of full bottles or where the cork has lodged into the neck, after which the cork is withdrawn as described.

Of course, we know Alford & Berkele’s offering as the Tormey patent of 1890.

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