New corkscrew pursuit vehicle…

7 years ago, I traded in the Mini for a Tacoma, and the truck has been the vehicle of choice for countless antiquing (and construction) adventures.

But, as the miles have been adding up, it was clearly time that it was time to send the truck over to the mainland, and get a new corkscrew pursuit vehicle.

And, with a couple of texts and a couple of phone calls, a deal was struck with a dealer on the mainland.

They actually offered to deliver the new vehicle and drive the truck back on the ferry so we didn’t have to leave the island.

Of course, with the ferry system being what it is, and COVID having contributed to a lack of available crew to sail on said ferry, I suggested we wait a few days until we can ensure that the ferries are running, and that I will make it across and swap out the vehicles.

So, tomorrow, the Tacoma will be on the morning ferry to Rockland, and at 10 am, or so, I will drop it off at the dealer, and drive away in the new corkscrew pursuit vehicle–and, just in time for some corkscrewing adventures.

“The Art of Antiquing” is having their opening show on Friday.

Montsweag Flea opens this coming weekend.

Brimfield is opening soon.

And, the lovely and I will be hitting all of them.

Tales of our latest antiquing adventure will be reported back here. Stay tuned.