Back from Brimfield…

The lovely bride and I somehow managed to make the last ferry back to the island after a three day jaunt to Brimfield.

After 2 years of COVID, Brimfield is mostly back. There are some fields that were a little smaller than usual, but New England Motel, Herman’s, and May’s were pretty packed. And, both the buyers and the sun was out.

Lot of treasures to be found, but not a lot in the way of corkscrews.

I did manage to pick up a couple, and I did buy 5 vintage beer taps, that I actually sold while walking down the road to the next field.

I was walking at a fair clip, when I passed the dealer who asked, “are those for sale.” And, when I stopped and turned, I recognized him, and we struck a deal. I had sold brewery items to him in the past, and my plan was to seek him out the following day and offer them up.

This visit, the lovely and I rented an airbnb in Holland, MA, which is about 7 miles from the show, and because of our location, we managed to avoid any traffic coming into Brimfield–this made for less early early early mornings, and replaced them with early early mornings.

We did buy a few things for the house, and we will be back in July and September.

A few days antiquing in near perfect spring weather.

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