“Rocking” Cork Puller

From a 1946 issue of House and Garden


No “lost in the bottle” corks, either, with the Gourmet Cork Puller.  It is the slickest way to pull a cork your ever saw.  (It is also a bottle opener).  Very attractive gift box, too.  Silver plated model $ 2.95; Sterling Silver (with tropical wood handle) plus leather case $5.00; Completely gold plated handle $ 10.00 with leather case.  All Postpaid.  Gift Cards enclosed.  Please, no COD’s.

I have seen a few Gourmet Cork Pullers over the years, but I have yet to see one in Sterling. And, I definitely have not see one that is gold plated.

If you have a Sterling or Gold Plated Gourmet Cork Puller, drop me a line.

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