Pocket Drinking Cup, Corkscrew, and Pencil

From an 1884 issue of American Agriculturalist:

No. 233. –Pocket Drinking Cup, Corkscrew, and Pencil. –For one subscription.—The first two will be found a great convenience to tourists, and picnic parties.  A tin case goes with the cup, in which it can be kept when not in use, and the corkscrew also is enclosed in a nickel case.  The pen is a stylographic, or re

No. 233

servoir pen, which, when once filled with ink, will write several days without refilling.  Can be carried in the pocket, and is always ready for use.  A valuable gift for any one, at one-sixth the price of any other.  Supplied post-paid, for 1 subcription at $1.50, and ten cents for mailing.  Here are three excellent premiums for one subscriber.