Halfway through…

I know it is a little early, as there are another 6 months ahead of us in the corkscrew collecting fiscal year, but I am starting to consider what corkscrews could make the best 6 at this point.

Of course, with 6 months ahead of us, the list could be entirely different come December, and undoubtedly it will. But, you just never know.

July Brimfield, September Brimfield, random amazingness, trades, clandestine deals, JFO meeting…there will be opportunties in the near future do acquire a few more twisted treasures, but here are a few that would make the list at the halfway point in the year:

Of course there have been others, but as of July 1, I would probably lean towards:

Bigelow & Brown aluminum bottle roundlet

Blantz patent

Pie Crimper / Can Opener with corkscrew (PAT APL’D FOR)

Matching Can opener wihout Pie Crimper with corkscrew (PAT APL’D FOR)

Korn’s Patent

Fancy Walker

I will add that this list is subject to change for a variety of reasons: something shiny, some new discovery, a second cup of coffee…

Still, What are your best discoveries in the first six months of this year? Feel free to send pictures!

Or, what is your best find so far this year. I will happily throw them on the bloggy blog.

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