Owen W. Taft

For those of you wondering about the NABOB mentioned yesterday, that would be the Owen W. Taft patent of 1875. Althought it would be Taft’s patentS, as Owen was awarded 4 different patents in a short period of time that had a similar theme; cutlery and handles for cutlery, although his August 11 patent doesn’t have a corkscrew.

On August 11 1874, patent Reissue 6012 was awarded for “Combined Carving-Knives and Skewer-Pulls.”

The reissue, is the reissued patent that Taft was previously awarded on May 3, 1870, #102,617 for his “Carving Knife”

On March 16, 1875, patent 160,969 was awarded for “Handle for Cutlery”

On March 23, 1875, patent 161,295 was awarded for “Attaching Hollow Handles to Cutlery”

Is there a carving fork out there with a corkscrew inside the handle?

On March 30, 1875, patent 161, 573 was awarded for “Table Implements”

There are examples of the Taft / NABOB that have turned up. And, one did make its way onto the corkscrew collectors.com auction a decade ago. I was one of the underbidders.

In that particular listing, it is explained that the piece was marked for four patent dates, 1870 not included, and is marked “Pat.Aug.11.74, Mar.16.23 & 30.75”

And, in 2016, John Morris published an update on O’Leary with two versions of the Taft

I definitely need one (or three) of these.

If you have a Taft / Nabob / Radial Steel sharpening steel with corkscrew hidden in the handle, or perhaps a carving fork with a corkscrew hidden in the handle, feel free to drop me a line.