More on the NABOB

From the June 5, 1875 issue of Scientific American:


The utility of this invention, shown in our illustration, is so

self-evident that say description is hardly necessary.   Those who have struggled over a piece of tough beef with a dull knife , until worked into a state of actual ferocity doubly intensified by the pang of hunger and a large number to carve for, know that a good steel, which will stay in respectable condition and not wear moth in a fortnight, is something very akin to a treasure.  Therefore, we introduce an ornamental implement which will sharpen knives at a mere touch, which pulls out skewers, cuts cork wires, and which has a convenient corkscrew hidden away in the handle, always at hand at the right time and in the right place, we feel we are doing a large portion of the community a service.

This device shown herewith does all this.  The implement consists of six blades of very hard and tough steel, one of which is shown in No. 4, Fig. 2, as represented in Fig. 1, around a central rod, No. 5, Fig. 2.  The ends of these blades are secured in a socket, No.3, Fig. 2, and by a suitable screw they are held tightly in placed. The handle, No. 1, Fig. 2, is hollow, and is made of polished corrugated metal.  It incloses a corkscrew, No.2, Fig. 2, and holds the same by screwing upon a thread formed on the bolster.  At the end of the steel portion is a short knife for cutting cork wires; and just inside the blade is a notch is made which affords a ready means for grasping and extracting skewers.

The arrangement of radial blades is entirely novel and is very effective in use.  Though especially designed for family use, the device is suited for sharpening the largest knives.  

It is the subject of several patents obtained in this country and in Europe through the Scientific American Patent Agency.  For further particulars address the manufacturers, the Radial Steel Company, 221 Pearl Street, New York city

Also, within the same issue of Scientific American, there is an advertisement for The NABOB:

If you can’t make the text out, due to the digitization, I have transcribed it below:



Being a handsomely plated, beautiful, detachable bladed, Radial Steel, with Pat. Reflecting, Corrugated Handle; particularly designed for family use, but a wonderful sharpener of the largest knives; a Skewer and Cork Extractor, &c., &c.; very pleasing to admirers of the elegant ingenious and novel.   Will last a lifetime.  Every family can afford it, and will have it.

SOLD by first class Jewelers and all Cutlery Dealers.  IT is one of the most universally needed, scientifically constructed, and perfect and salable of modern inventions, purchased at sight by those having no previous intention to do so, and who would not buy any other steel at any price.  Sample Steel by mail.  Send for Illustrated Circular.  Address


No. 221 Pearl Street, New York