Off to Brimfield

This morning, I will be slowly meandering down the coast of Maine.


…as every time I try to get down to Brimfield on Labor Day, there seems to be a million other people that are ending their summer vacations, and heading out of the state.

A couple of years ago, when I made that trek, it was going rather smoothly until I reached the last few miles leaving Maine.

And, that is where traffic stopped…


Fortunately, given that I live here, I did know a few optional routes.

Of course, one those routes has lots of antique stores along the way.

Having had this experience, I will opt for the antique stores route. So, what might provide a more rapid rate of travel, will undoubtedly take just as long, as I will probably stop at each one.

If there are any finds along the way, I will share pictures.

And, of course, I will provide a full Brimfield report each day–well for the first two days anyway, as that is when I will be there.

Stay tuned!