Pretty much a rain out…

Okay… I know what 100% chance of rain means, but I left my little airbnb feeling pretty optimistic this morning.

I grabbed a baseball cap, to keep the rain out of my eyes, backpack, flashlight, iphone, and made the 3-mile trek (it is a really terrific location) to the fields of Brimfield.

And, yes. It was pouring. Still, I parked, grabbed my required gear, and made my way towards the first tents.

This isn’t so bad, I thought to myself.

Then, as I meandered about, I kept on noticing how many dealers hadn’t opened their tents yet. There would be one open, and then the next several closed.

I decided to give them some time, and decided to walk to the far end of Brimfield, and work my way back.

Same thing on that end.

Still, I managed to find a couple of things; nothing of great value:

But, its hard to buy corkscrews when the dealers haven’t opened up.

Giving myself a bit of time, I decided to the reverse. It was now nearly 9:00, and the fields basically open at 6…surely there will be some more dealers open.

There were, but not that many.

When it came time to got Dealer’s Choice; a field that on it’s signage states “400 dealers.” It was clear the the field was almost empty, with the exception of the jewelrey area which always has dealers, but not 400, more like 30.

The field opposite, that usually opens at 1:00, and once was teaming with dealers (and buyers) is almost a completely vacant field. Without exaggerating, it looked like maybe 5 dealers…

After braving the pouring rain, and dodging as many mud puddles as possible, I decided to call it a day.

The rain is supposed to end by tomorrow, and word on social media was that many dealers considered today a rain out, and they will instead open tomorrow.

People! A memo would be nice!

That said, you never know what might turn up tomorrow, however.

On another positive note, I picked up an Eldrege Brewing Williamson Roundlet on eBay. Always good to have in anticipation of the upcoming JFO in a couple of weeks.

I am thinking the Brimfield news, will NOT about closed tents and 100% chance of rain tomorrow.

At, least I hope so. It is still currently pouring!

Stay tuned!

And, it’s raining

Yesterday, I made the drive down to Brimfield, and did hit some antique stores along the way. There were indeed corkscrews, but nothing that I had to have.

And, while the drive did include some rain, last night it started pouring, and currently it still is, with 100 % chance of rain for the next 24 hours–at least.

So, at daybreak I will forge ahead, dodge puddles, and see what I can turn up on a soggy Brimfield opening day!