Day two was better…

Yesterday morning, I awoke to NO RAIN!

After packing up, as I would be heading back to Maine following the noon field opening, I made my way to Brimfield, and after parking my car, there was a palpable excitement from the dealers and buyers.

Lots of talk about the rain from the previous day, and lots stories of how much this person slogged it out, or this person braving the weather. And, of course, this was from dealers and buyers.

The sky was still gray, and there was a forecast of potential rain at 11:00 in the morning, but it never came. Instead, by 10:30 it was blue skies, the sun was out, and it started to be quite a nice temperature.

And, there were treasure to be had everywhere.

Who doesnt need an asparagus buncher!

This blue enamel over steel pail became my shopping bag of choice into which corkscrews and other treasures would be placed.

That said, none of the following (nor the motorcycle) made it into the bucket, nor my car, and remain in the fields.

If you have never been to Brimfield, it is amazing at what turns up.

And, yes there were more corkscrews. A few “bits and bobs,” as Barry would say, but then a pretty darn good one that was discovered mid-morning.

But, that is a story for another day…

Stay tuned.

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