Briscoe Mfg., Co., Auto Parts Detroit, Mich

A couple of days ago, I was doing sort of random eBay search, and an interesting lot of openers turned up. Nothing truly rare amongst them, but there did look go be a Detroit corkscrew in the lot.

With no description of any markings on the Detroit, I checked each photo and then zoomed in.

Interesting, Briscoe Mfg., Co., Auto Parts Detroit, Mich…

Knowing that I don’t have a Briscoe Mfg Detroit, and since it was pretty cheap, I snapped it up, and then headed off to Google who exactly was Briscoe Mfg.

And, from one search that lead to Briscoe Mfg., and an advertisement that makes mention of their patented products, the story suddenly got a lot more interesting(er).

Taking a step back, on the rare-ish Puddefoot corkscrew with the straight neck stand, the example I have is marked for the “COMPLIMENTS OF THE PUDDEFOOT SHEET METAL WORKS OF DETROIT, M.”

I know, you are asking yourself, where are you going with this Josef?

Puddefoot, was quite the inventor and was awarded multiple patents.

In 1902, he was awarded a patent for a Closure. In 1903, he was awarded patents for a Can Forming and Seaming Machine and a Corrugating Machine.

All three of which were assigned to none other than Briscoe Mfg. of Detroit.

And, clearly the relationship continued as in 1904 our sheet metal man was awarded another patent for a Pail.

This time, the patent was awarded to both Puddefoot and Briscoe.

Adding a different advertising on a Davis / Detroit / Puddefoot, is always a cool thing. Finding the connection between the advertiser and the producers of that corkscrew, just makes for an interesting story.

Do you have a corkscrew advertising Puddefoot Sheet Metal? If you do, drop me a line.