JFO Day Three

I know, I just posted about Day Two this morning, but we just left the meeting a little while ago, and we have an early early morning tomorrow, as we had back to Maine.

Today, we headed over to Marvin’s house, and what a collection of breweriana and adverting he has. A feast for the eyes, every where you looked. There were a couple of things available for sale, and the lovely and I picked up an original piece of artwork that I will blog about at a later date.

Following the house visit, we headed over to the JFO meeting space, and the buying and selling continued. At the auction, and through various deals here and there, there were some interesting additons to my box of corkscrews to be going back to Maine.

With the auction coming to a close, a few last deals were made, and one final purchase resulted in the acquisition of another 1914 Blantz patent cork extractor.

Farewells, hugs, handshakes, and see you next years were all exchanged, and while the show will continue for the next couple of days, we will be off in the wee hours of the morning on an adventure back to Maine.

Thanks to all that attended, but a special thanks to John and Pat Stanley for having hosted us all over the years!

(If there are any finds along the way, we will report back here).

Stay tuned!


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