well, that was exciting…

The collectorcorkscrews.com auction ended yesterday and Saturday, and a bunch of corkscrews will soon be in the postal service’s hands making their way around the world.

I did sell a few, and I did bid on a few, only to be thwarted by bidders that were more desirous than I for the corkscrews which I was also desirous.

And, that Stowell patent… I did try, and I did offer, and maybe eventually…

Today, I am off to a conference where I have been asked to present on “Shifting the Structural Paradigm.” And, then I will be serving on on a panel addressing “Aligning Intentions to Actions.”

I am thinking that on the panel, if I suggest you should bid higher if you want to actually win, there might be a way to tie it all together.

And, since I am here, if you haven’t seen it, you really need to see TC’s new means of displaying corkscrews.

It is simply awesome that he has figured out a way to frame his corkscrews, mount his corkscrews, and still is able to pull them out of the frame for use. This is simply awesome:

Simply awesome Tommy!