Any person of energy…

In an 1870 issue of Mining and Scientific Press, the folloing advertisement is placed by Weister and Co.

Weister and Co.,


No. 314 Bush Street, San Francisco.


For the benefit of those that live at a distance from the city, we give below a brief description of a few of the valuable patents which we have in our office.  It may be well to state that no Patent is received by us for negotiation until it is first endored by reliable experts, to whom each is subjected for acceptance or rejection.  We tread all patents alike, recommending only where true merit is found in the invention.

Amd, amongst the available valuable patents is a:


This simple device of practical utility.  It is adapted for Hotels, Saloons and family use.  The tightest cork can be drawn with a mere nominal outlay of strength, and without risk of bruising or hurting the hands.  They will be furnished, plain or silver-plated, at manufacturing cost, to parties purchasing Rights.  Any person of energy can soon realize the cost of a State Right by selling the Cork Extractors, as they sell readily and afford a large profit.  Send for circular.

So, what patent for a cork extractor would Weister and Co., be selling?

What do you think? No images are provided in the issue of Mining and Scientific Press…


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