Display Clough

Five years ago, on the collectorcorkscrews.com “buy now” site, there was a large Clough display corkscrew put up for sale. And, the price was fair, and I grabbed it.

After making the purchase, the seller offered to bring it to the ICCA AGM that year in Mainz, Germany.

And, as we were preparing for the buy and sell at the meeting, he pulled it out and handed it to me.

Carrying the oversized Clough across the room, another member of the club stopped me to explain that they needed the large Clough corkscrew in their collection.

I thought about it for a moment, and then struck a deal, thinking another one would come my way at some point.

Yesterday, one did.

Another large display Clough corkscrew was put up for sale on the collectorcorkscrews.com “buy now” site, and the price was fair.

And, (once again) I grabbed it.

A nice addition to the collection!


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