It’s NEW! It’s Sanitary! It’s HANDY

From a 1929 issue of Christian Science Monitor:

Or 2 for 25 cents

It’s NEW!  It’s Sanitary!  It’s HANDY!

This wonderful new MILK CAP LIFTER does a Dozen Different Daily Duties: Cork Puller, Bottle Opener, Nut Pick, Fruit Seeder, and Crisco Can Opener, etc.  It will help you too.  Order YOURS TODAY!  Send money to


706 N. 8th Street.   St. Joseph MO.

Okay… so, what does the “K-P” Kitchen Helper look like?

Do you have one?

Send me photos!


From a 1916 issue of The Export World and Commercial Intelligence:


A New Corkscrew, Can and Crown Cork Opener.

Our illustration shows the latest combination produced by Coney’s, Ltd., So. Lionel Street, Birmingham, and is self-explanatory.  The new tool is named the “ Anzac “ because it “ gets there. “  In addition to the corkscrew there is a small tool by means of which crown corks can be removed by pressing down or lifting up—this being quite unique—and a tin opener.

New Patent Opener

The “ Anzac “ should secure a large measure of popularity by reason of its handiness.  Being of light weight, it is an ideal picnic companion.

Unseasonably Warm

It has been unseasonably warm the last few days.

Not that it is warm warm, but warmer than usual.

And, not that 40 degrees is actually warm, but it certainly is warmer than our recent artic blast that included wind chills at 30 below zero.

I am not complaining mind you. I appreciate the non-freezing temps, and the feeling of Spring soon to be upon us.

Not that Spring is really soon to be upon us, as a week from tomorrow, we are supposed to be back to 1 degree as the low, and no doubt lower than that with the wind chill.

That said, I look forward to things warming up, and the outdoor antiquing season to begin!

…thoroughly trustworthy and practical…

1914 issue of Hardware Age:

The “Handy-Man” Tool Kit

The American Novelty Company, Washington, D.C., is putting out the “Handy Man” tool kit, which is stated to be very compact and practical.  The company states that each tool in the “Handy-Man” kit is thoroughly trustworthy and practical, the whole outfit being desiged from the viewpoint of utility.  The entire set of tools is put up in a drawn-steel gun metal finished box, the size of which is 5 by 6 by 2 inches.

“Handy-Man” tool kit made by the American Novelty Company

Each tool is firmly held in place by steel snap springs and jackets, which prevent the tools from moving about and rattling.  It is stated that no matter in what position the kit is carried, or how much it is shaken, the tools with not become dislodged.  The set consists of fifteen high grade tools, in combination with an interchangeable handle, and the company states that every tool in this set is one which is brought into daily use. 

The illustration shows ten of these tools, the other five compactly nested in the handle itself.  The tools consist of a ball pein hammer, a Disston saw, an awl, a pair of Bernhard pliers and wire cutters, a gimlet, a tack puller, a chisel, a gouge chisel, a can opener, a corkscrew, a large screw driver, a small screw driver, a three-cornered file and a punch.  The American Novelty Company states that it will send a sample kit by parcel post, charges prepaid, at the regular whole-quantity price of $33 per dozen of $2.75 each.

a little sea smoke…

The last couple of days have been cold here on the island.

Yesterday, by 4:00 (about the time this photo was taken, the windchill was 36 degrees below zero…

Still, with the woodstove going, and a bit of wine, we made it through the evening.

And, this morning we awoke to similar (not the wine).

Currently (at 10 am) it is -1 degree, with the wind chill bringing the temperature down to -27. And, the wind has been howling.

That said, the temps are starting to increase, and she be downright balmy by this afternoon, with temperatures expected to climb to 12 degrees by sunset.

So, the woodstove is still going… and will be for the rest of the day / evening.

No corkscrew news to report at the moment…hopefully that will change over the course of the day.

Stay warm!


From an 1862 issue issue of The Post Office London Directory:


The old process of Drawing Corks by ordinary Corkscrews is entirely obviated in the construction and novel action of the “ Presto and Despatch Corkscrews.”  Their superiority will at once be seen and their use understood by the following instructions, vis –Pull the screw A out to its full extent, and then insert the point of the worm into the Centre of the Cork, and by slight pressure (without turning the hand) it will immediately penetrate the Cork ; this being effected, then proceed to draw it.  To remove the Cork from the worm raise the Button B, or the spring C, then slightly pull the Cork, which will instantly be released.

The principle on which these two Corkscrews are constructed is the same, excepting the mode of securing the screw, which is effected in the “ Despatch ‘ by a spring fixed to the end of the barrel, and in the “ Presto “ at one end of the handle, both producing the same result.  The screw A should occasionally be oiled.  The screw being made of solid brass, and the steel worm electroed, it will not rust.





Sample, of a Book of Drawings, may be had on application

B. Nathan continued

The B. Nathan corkscrew arrived this afternoon, and while simple, it is also a pretty lovely thing.

Nice faceted shank and a sharp helix.

Here it is next to the Ivory Murphy for comparison:

Speaking of B. Nathan, upon further research this would be our man…Bernhard Nathan.