…thoroughly trustworthy and practical…

1914 issue of Hardware Age:

The “Handy-Man” Tool Kit

The American Novelty Company, Washington, D.C., is putting out the “Handy Man” tool kit, which is stated to be very compact and practical.  The company states that each tool in the “Handy-Man” kit is thoroughly trustworthy and practical, the whole outfit being desiged from the viewpoint of utility.  The entire set of tools is put up in a drawn-steel gun metal finished box, the size of which is 5 by 6 by 2 inches.

“Handy-Man” tool kit made by the American Novelty Company

Each tool is firmly held in place by steel snap springs and jackets, which prevent the tools from moving about and rattling.  It is stated that no matter in what position the kit is carried, or how much it is shaken, the tools with not become dislodged.  The set consists of fifteen high grade tools, in combination with an interchangeable handle, and the company states that every tool in this set is one which is brought into daily use. 

The illustration shows ten of these tools, the other five compactly nested in the handle itself.  The tools consist of a ball pein hammer, a Disston saw, an awl, a pair of Bernhard pliers and wire cutters, a gimlet, a tack puller, a chisel, a gouge chisel, a can opener, a corkscrew, a large screw driver, a small screw driver, a three-cornered file and a punch.  The American Novelty Company states that it will send a sample kit by parcel post, charges prepaid, at the regular whole-quantity price of $33 per dozen of $2.75 each.

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