Bath Antiques Show

This morning, I hopped on the first ferry, and made my way to the mainland.

And, after a brief stop in Rockland, I made my way down to Bath, Maine for the monthly antique show. Well, technically it’s monthly until April, which is the last show, and then they start up again in the fall.

And, it isn’t a big show, but 40-45 dealers usually show up and one always has corkscrews, not great corkscrews, but good corkscrews. Another dealer shows up in Bath every once in a while, and he too always has corkscrews. Generally he has good corkscrews, but they are fairly pricey. Still, every once in a while we can strike a deal.

The first good corkscrew dealer WAS there, the other dealer that occassionally shows up WASN’T there. But, we will run into each other soon enough at Brimfield.

So, I meandered around, looking at each table / booth, and there were some interesting things to be had.

And, the good corkscrew dealer had a case filled with treasures…

And, as he explained, he had just a collection and half of them were still at his house…

After digging around, I came with a small pile.

The German corkscrew with odd spring, I have never owned before. And, I knew I needed to grab that. The small perfume piece, is always good trade bait, and underneath the owl is a metal Haff with a Clough worm with button.

In regards to the owl, it looks to be bronze rather than brass, and I have never seen this particular shape before.

And, well, how could I not pick up a “BUD” open with corkscrew.

No other corkscrews that I really HAD to have, but the aforementioned good corkscrew guy invited me to visit him at his home and see the rest of the corkscrews when was headed his way.

And, as luck would have it, next week I will be in his neighborhood.

Stay tuned!