Combined Watch-Key, Cork-Screw, and Watch-Opener

A couple of years ago, I picked up a corkscrew and bottle opener lot on eBay within which was an 1871 Jenner patent for his “Watch-Key, Cork-Screw, and Watch-Opener.”

It looked to be in fairly rough shape, but there were some other goodies in the lot, and the price was fair enough.

When the lot arrived, it was clear the Jenner was a little less than desired.

Or more aptly put, it was shy a few appendages…

Nicely marked on the sheath with the patent date, the Jenner should have a watch-key atop the hole though which the sheath would slide to use the corkscrews as a T pull, and on the opposite end it should have a watch-opener.

That said, according to the patent description, the watch-key is supposed to be detachable, so it would make sense that this might go missing.

Jenner’s patent description explains he was, “…making the watch-key detachable to facilitate the substitution of a new or differently sized key for a worn out or discarded one.”

And, for any of you that has ever tried to open a stubborn antique pocket watch, it is readily understood how the watch-opener might get damaged.

Interestingly, Tommy has two examples of the Jenner, one with the watch-opener angled to one side from use, and the other with the watch-opener partially broken off.

Yesterday, after a week of watching a listing on Ebay, a Jenner patent with both the watch-key and the watch-opener (and the corkscrew) was coming to a close, and given that a complete one has been on my wish list for years, I threw out a bid and hoped for the best.

And, a Louis J. Jenner patent will soon arriving on the island…

taking a chance on a lot

The other day, a lot of openers with a few corkscrews was put up with a buy it now on eBay.  The price, wasn’t cheap, but it wasn’t crazy money either.

Within the lot was several advertising corkscrews, a peg and worm, an interesting looking roundlet, and a piece that looked like a Jenner patent missing a few of its appendages.

I thought about it briefly, and figured, I might as well go for it.


The lot arrived yesterday in the mail, and there were some interesting pieces within the lot.  The Jenner, is indeed a Jenner with the 1871 patent date, but missing a few bits.  And, the peg and worm is interesting as it has its leather case.  My favorite piece, however is the roundlet.   It is the smallest roundlet I have ever seen, and it signed F & B Sterling.

Had the Jenner been complete, it would have been the star.  But for now, it will be a place holder until a complete one turns up.

Was the lot worth the price of admission?  Definitely worth it.  That said, if anyone out there has a complete 1871 Jenner patent, I am on the hunt for one.  Feel free to drop me a line.  Heck, if you have a complete one that is has a broken worm, I would be interested : )