Haff again…

About a year and a half ago, there was a rare example of the Edward P. Haff patented corkscrew, that was coming to close on eBay. I placed a bid, and was lucky enough to win the auction, and while the brass band on the handle, as well as the frame and spring, had been painted black–with a little paint remover, that issue was remedied.

And, the Haff made my best 6 of 2019.

Over the past few days, I have been keeping my eye on an non-eBay auction that happened to have a similar Haff patent with frame within it.

Fortunately, it looks like it won’t need any paint remover…

Of course, I wasn’t merely keeping an eye on it.

I placed a fairly fair absentee bid and hoped for the best…

Last night the auction ended…

And, the Haff lot will soon be heading to the island.

Now, I am going to work under the assumption that this Haff is marked similar to the one that I already have–and, we will wait and see when it arrives.

But, I have a feeling this might end up being tradebait…

Who is in need of an 1885/1886 Haff patent corkscrew with frame?

Whatcha got?


When I first started collecting corkscrews (21 years ago) one of my first purchases was a and 1885 Haff patent direct pull corkscrew, with PAT. APPL’D FOR incised into the metal band.

It still resides within the collection.

Of course, there have been lots of Haffs found over the years; different sizes, different handles, different worms, different markings.

But, the Haff that I have been most desirous of, is the Haff patent with spring and frame, as pictured on page 71 Fred O’Leary’s book.  That example is marked, “PATENTED APL 14TH ’85 MAY 5TH ‘85”

Nine years ago, one sold on the collectorcorkscrews.com auction.  I missed out, of course.  And, in 21 years, I have seen exactly three… The one in O’Leary, the one sold in that auction, and one in John Morris’ collection.

Yesterday, there was one that ended on eBay, and while the eBay listing didn’t offer a description of the markings that were clearly present on the corkscrew, under what looks to be a little black paint, it is indeed marked, and once it arrives (yes, I won the auction), I will report back here with how it is marked.

I will also look into removing the black paint.

A potential best 6 candidate, it will make a nice companion to the hard to find Haff with bell assist that is already in the collection.