Sterling Converse

For my longtime readers, you are very well aware of my love of the Converse patent cork puller.

And, while I have many Converses that have made their way into the collection, in 2012 I managed to procure a Sterling example, and it made my best 6 for that year:

And, in 2017, I managed to pick up the Spaulding Gorham example, which also made my best 6 for that year (I found it amusing that both are no. 6 in the best sixes)

Somewhere in between, I picked up yet another Sterling similar to the 2012 acquisition, and that ultimately became part of a trade with Robert, which then was later traded to Tommy, but it may have changed hands a few times amongst us…I have lost track how many times the Sterling Converse has been the subject of trade discussions–but, at last check it was in Tommy’s collection.

Today, via an exchange with another collector, I was sent some photos, and in the corner of the photo, I spotted what looked to be ANOTHER Sterling Converse.

In short order, a deal was struck, and another Sterling Converse is heading to the collection. It should polish up nicely, and who knows, maybe it will make the best 6 for this year!