The Mysterious Pretorius returns…

Six years ago, or so, I was wandering through an antique mall in Long Beach, California, when I turned and saw an interesting multitool with a corkscrew. Actually, it was a box containing a multitool, but given that the item was clearly described on the box, I was hopeful that a corkscrew was attached.

There was. Y

ou can read that blog from 6 years ago here.

As mentioned in the blog, this 8 in 1 opener (with corkscrew) had appeared in one of John’s updates on O’Leary– and, ultimately the boxed example that I had discovered in 2016 ended up in Ion’s collection.

That said, as a marked PAT. PEND. marked piece, I knew that I would need to hunt another 8 in 1 opener down, and as of yesterday another example of the mysterious Pretorius multitool is heading to the island.

If you do choose to link to the blog from 6 years ago, you will note that there were instructions inside the box that outlined how to use the 8 in 1 tool.

And, with a little digging around, I found an advertisement from a 1950 issue of Popular Science. So, now we have a date of production of the Pretorious.

Can Opener Does Eight Jobs.

Bristling with attachments, this new gadget is an armament for assault on eight different kinds of containers.  It pries off caps and lids; it helps turn stubborn screw caps of all sizes; it shears off can tops; and it punches milk and beer cans.  Priced at 2.95 by Pretorius Approved Products of Glendale, Calif. 

Interesting to note, it doesn’t say anthing about assaulting wine corks…