Pretty much a rain out…

Okay… I know what 100% chance of rain means, but I left my little airbnb feeling pretty optimistic this morning.

I grabbed a baseball cap, to keep the rain out of my eyes, backpack, flashlight, iphone, and made the 3-mile trek (it is a really terrific location) to the fields of Brimfield.

And, yes. It was pouring. Still, I parked, grabbed my required gear, and made my way towards the first tents.

This isn’t so bad, I thought to myself.

Then, as I meandered about, I kept on noticing how many dealers hadn’t opened their tents yet. There would be one open, and then the next several closed.

I decided to give them some time, and decided to walk to the far end of Brimfield, and work my way back.

Same thing on that end.

Still, I managed to find a couple of things; nothing of great value:

But, its hard to buy corkscrews when the dealers haven’t opened up.

Giving myself a bit of time, I decided to the reverse. It was now nearly 9:00, and the fields basically open at 6…surely there will be some more dealers open.

There were, but not that many.

When it came time to got Dealer’s Choice; a field that on it’s signage states “400 dealers.” It was clear the the field was almost empty, with the exception of the jewelrey area which always has dealers, but not 400, more like 30.

The field opposite, that usually opens at 1:00, and once was teaming with dealers (and buyers) is almost a completely vacant field. Without exaggerating, it looked like maybe 5 dealers…

After braving the pouring rain, and dodging as many mud puddles as possible, I decided to call it a day.

The rain is supposed to end by tomorrow, and word on social media was that many dealers considered today a rain out, and they will instead open tomorrow.

People! A memo would be nice!

That said, you never know what might turn up tomorrow, however.

On another positive note, I picked up an Eldrege Brewing Williamson Roundlet on eBay. Always good to have in anticipation of the upcoming JFO in a couple of weeks.

I am thinking the Brimfield news, will NOT about closed tents and 100% chance of rain tomorrow.

At, least I hope so. It is still currently pouring!

Stay tuned!

And, it’s raining

Yesterday, I made the drive down to Brimfield, and did hit some antique stores along the way. There were indeed corkscrews, but nothing that I had to have.

And, while the drive did include some rain, last night it started pouring, and currently it still is, with 100 % chance of rain for the next 24 hours–at least.

So, at daybreak I will forge ahead, dodge puddles, and see what I can turn up on a soggy Brimfield opening day!

Off to Brimfield

This morning, I will be slowly meandering down the coast of Maine.


…as every time I try to get down to Brimfield on Labor Day, there seems to be a million other people that are ending their summer vacations, and heading out of the state.

A couple of years ago, when I made that trek, it was going rather smoothly until I reached the last few miles leaving Maine.

And, that is where traffic stopped…


Fortunately, given that I live here, I did know a few optional routes.

Of course, one those routes has lots of antique stores along the way.

Having had this experience, I will opt for the antique stores route. So, what might provide a more rapid rate of travel, will undoubtedly take just as long, as I will probably stop at each one.

If there are any finds along the way, I will share pictures.

And, of course, I will provide a full Brimfield report each day–well for the first two days anyway, as that is when I will be there.

Stay tuned!


This morning, we begin our journey south, as Brimfield starts tomorrow at daybreak.

Rockland to Portland–for supplies.

Portland to Pepperell Cove–for “lunch.”

Pepperell Cove to Portsmouth, NH–for more supplies.

Portsmouth, NH to Holland, MA–where we have rented an airbnb for a few days.

And, tomorrow morning. Brimmy!

Last September, the Brimfield show was quite a bit smaller than years past. Of course, COVID-19 was much of the reason for that. So, this will be our first May show in two years, and word on the street is that Brimfield will be abuzz with dealers and buyers.

If any corkscrews are found on our journey down, I will report back here. And, of course, I will provide news from Brimfield each day.

Stay tuned!

Back from Brimfield

Yes, it is that time of year again.  Starting the second Tuesday in May, the Brimfield Antiques Show attracts collectors and dealers from all over the world.

This year, we rented a house again within relative proximity to the show, and the lovely personal personal trainer and I were joined by our friend AA and Tommy.

AA and the lovely drove down together.  I drove down earlier to drop off P-Doggy to be boarded, and then headed to Hartford to pick up Tommy who was flying in.

With everyone arriving safely, it was time for a bit of wine, catching up, and a little corkscrew show and tell.

On the first morning, Tommy and I got up early, and headed out.  And, after a few hours of hunting, I got a message from Tommy about a “score!”   This was followed by another message,  “Major Score!”  Wondering what it was, he shortly sent a picture; a miniature pair of legs with mother of pearl scales.  Wow!  And, with a whopping price of 35 dollars–I had no doubt he talked the seller down–it surely would be the find of the show.

It goes that way at Brimfield.  There are lots of interesting pieces that we can pick up, but almost always there is one standout piece that shows up.  A Tucker, Chippendale, Sperry, the Stephens patent, a Kummer for 15 dollars, Satyr legs for a song, a Geissen, signed Henshall patent: these have all turned up.  And, this time around it was Tommy’s turn to get the piece of the show.

Congrats TC!

Of course, there were many other corkscrews that were acquired over the last few days.

On the first day, I had picked up a couple of direct pulls, and was super excited for Tommy. And, as we entered one of the fields, I was going through a booth and saw a small grouping of corkscrews; all in decent shape. After asking about them, the dealer responded with the fact that he knew nothing about them, and hoped his prices seemed fair.  I selected a couple of them, and said he was pretty spot on.

He further explained that he had just found a small collection, and when I asked if he had any more, he reached into his truck and retrieved an entire box of them.

Going through the box, I picked out a couple of pieces, and he explained he left the mechanical ones at home.  And, he promised to send pictures at the end of the show.

Nothing really rare within the box, except he did have the Rudy Dolberg Weinke patent–with the American patent date.  I have owned this piece in the past, but gave it up to a German collector a couple of years ago, as he didn’t have this variation.  Weinke’s do turn up pretty frequently, but with the American patent date, not so much.


About this time, my phone rang…actually as I was peeling off a few bills to give to the dealer, and while two friends came up behind me, my phone rang.  It was the lovely who had found an old factory cart that we had been looking for for the wine shop.


(For those wondering, the wine shop is rather small, and I wanted an old industrial cart that would serve as a place to stack wine for display, but it would also give me the ability to roll the display out of the way when we host wine tastings.  And, I wanted that old industrial look–that said, the prices on these are pretty high at Brimfield and the like, the lovely found this one for about a third of what they were selling for at other fields within the show).

So, for the rest of the day, I was pushing a cart around from booth to booth.

After we exhausted the field, we said goodbyes to the various friends that we had met up with over the course of the day, and headed back to the house; only to be joined by BT for dinner later on that evening.

The next day, was another early one, and Tommy and crisscrossed the fields, messaging each other to see where the other way, and were there any finds.  I managed to pick up a couple of odd Anri pieces, and a pretty nice T & C silver overlay piece.

As an aside, over the two days, there was an interesting phenomenon taking place.  On the first day, I happened upon a booth, and the seller had corkscrews; zig zag, flash, Le Presto.  I don’t remember all of his pricing, but he was at about 100 on the Le Presto.  By the time Tommy got to the booth, the price dropped to 50 dollars.  Tommy picked it up.  On the T & C piece, Barry had seen that one earlier in the day, but passed on it.  By the time I got there, that dealer also dropped price by just about 50% of what he was asking earlier.  Price it high and hope, but after getting a couple of collectors to walk away…

After exhausting the various fields on Wednesday, Tommy and I headed off to hit a few antique malls on our way to Springfield where the lovely, AA, Tommy , and I would be meeting friends for dinner.  But, since we are in Springfield, and we had a half hour or so to kill, why not visit the Student Prince for some libations and some corkscrew viewing?

After dinner, we headed back to the house, and over wine had a little show and tell of the days finds.

The next morning was another early one, with Tommy flying out at 6:00 in the morning.  After saying our good byes and dropping him off, I headed back to the house before making the trek back to the show for one more walk around.  Not much at May’s field that morning, but I did manage to fine one of those French eyebrows with mother of pearl inlay.  And, for a nice price.

With the lovely and AA already on their way back to the island, and knowing I have a few hours of driving a head of me, I started making my own way back home.

A fun trip to Brimfield!