Adding “Simon Lewis” to the Clough list…

As mentioned in the past, there have been several lists published regarding known examples of Clough medicine/advertising corkscrews, both wire or flat band, and sometimes both.  Appearing both on Don Bull’s website, as well as in the Spring 2015 issue of The Bottle Scrue Times, finding a Clough with advertising that isn’t on these lists is pretty cool.

The other day, I happened to click over to eBay, and what should appear, but a folding Clough corkscrew with advertising that wasn’t the usual Listerine, Rawleigh Man, or Goldman’s…

With pretty low Buy it Now attached to said listing, I promptly hit the appropriate button, paid, and then visited both Don’s site, and shortly thereafter Barry’s list.


Not on either.

It has yet to arrive, but from the description and the images, it looks to read:


— OF —




—- ILLS —


No reference to any inside markings from the seller.  I will provide updates when it arrives.  But, who is Simon Lewis…

As a company, Simon Lewis advertised regularly in the Rock Island Argus and Daily Union, and if one was to spend a dollar, you would get a free bottle of California Wine.

After a bit of digging, I found a couple of references to Simon Lewis and a revolver that was a free gift with purchase.  Finding that a little odd, I happened upon an advertisement that showed the revolver as a “free gift.”


Who wouldn’t want to drink wine from a revolver shaped bottle?

A nice addition to the Clough advertising corkscrew collection!

More inside information

As mentioned yesterday, Don Bull checked his Clough medicine corkscrews, and forwarded those that are marked on the inside of the band.

Here are a few more:

The Red Star Cough Syrup in our collection is marked on the inside with:



PAT. JULY 22, 84

And, the Judson’s Dye on our collection is marked:



PAT. JULY 22-84

The Warner’s Log Cabin Remedies in our collection is marked on the inside:



PAT JULY 22-84

What Clough medicine band corkscrews do you have in your collection that are marked on the inside?

And, while we are on the topic.  I am on the hunt for another Clough.  This one carries the patent date on the outside.  If you have this Clough which is marked across the top “CLOUGH’S PATENT JULY 22, 1884,” please drop me a line:  I would love to have it.


the “inside information”

After publishing the Emulsion de Scott blog this morning, I promptly received an email from Don Bull.  Turns out that his Emulsion de Scott is indeed marked on the inside of the band as well.


Here is the “inside information.”

The inside of the band is marked:

Clough and Maconnell New York

Para La Tisis Eserofula Etc

Scott & Bowne, New York

Clough’s Patent, July 22-84

Don also followed up with bit more insider information. Here are a few more Cloughs that have advertising/information on the inside of the band:

Inside of Use Wright’s Liver Pills: Clough’s Improved Cork Screw Patent July 22-84

Inside of Lactopeptine for Dyspepsia: For Indigestion, Clough’s Cork Screw, Pat. July 22-84

Inside of Carter’s Inks (small version): Clough’s Cork Screw, Clough & Maconnell, New York, Pat. July 22-84

Inside of Warner’s Safe Cure: Tippecanoe, Clough’s Patent, July 22-84

Thanks Don!

Scott’s Emulsion / Emulsion De Scott

According to Don Bull’s website, and more recently Barry Taylor’s article on Clough medicine corkscrews, there are a couple of different versions of the Clough metal band corkscrew advertising Scott’s Emulsion.


Don’s list of known advertisements mentioned Scott’s Emulsion and Emulsion de Scott.



In Barry’s article he mentions the both versions, but also includes that there is a red version of the Emulsion de Scott.

Yesterday, the Emulsion de Scott example came up on a buy it now or best offer on eBay.

In looking closely at the image (and actually blowing it up a bit on photoshop) it looks to have writing on the inside of the band.  This writing is not mentioned in either Don’s or Barry’s respective publications.  Is this yet another version?  Check your Emulsion de Scott corkscrew… does it have writing inside the band?


From the image on the eBay listing, it looks to have MACCONNELL NEW YORK, and some additional information for Scott’s.  I did ask the seller if they would share what it says, but they couldn’t quite make it out.

When it arrives here on the island, I will update with the “inside information.”


If you have an unusual advertising Clough medicine band corkscrews, feel free to send pictures, I am always open to a trade.


Judson’s X 5

For those of you that are regular readers, you might recall that not too long ago, I picked up a flat band Clough corkscrew with advertising for Judson’s Dyes

This was a neat find, as it was an example that didn’t make Barry’s recent article on Clough medicine corkscrews.

That said, over the past few weeks, there have been other Judson’s Dye Cloughs put up for auction on eBay. In fact, one seller has had the same listing 5 times.

I inquired as to how many he might have, and he responded explaining that he found several in an apothecary box.


The five different auctions–while using the same images–sold as follows:

On September 3rd – $89.50
On September 13th – $28.65
On September 25th – $13.14
On October 9th – $27.83
On October 22nd – $12.75

Okay, the last one was actually purchased by me, as I gave Barry the one I picked up in July.

The Clough advertising band corkscrews, I promise, will not become an obsession.

Okay, they might. But, I am going to say they won’t.

Still, they are rather cool as a grouping.


Back home!

On Tuesday, we got an early start (3:00 am alarm) so we could make our way to LAX where we boarded the first to two planes which ultimately got us to Portland Monday afternoon. And, after a brief ride up the coast in the ATCPV (all terrain corkscrew pursuit vehicle) we had dinner at a favorite spot in Brunswick, Maine and then headed over to our hotel for the night.

Wednesday morning it was another drive (a rather wet one) up the coast to pick up Philos where he has been boarded, and then hopping on the boat for the island. Despite the wind and the rain (and a rather exciting boat ride) we made it back in the afternoon, and began getting back to non-vacation mode.

That said, you are probably wondering about the corkscrews. Of the many corkscrews acquired over the last few days, one deal brought several Clough advertising bands into the collection. While, I have owned the Heller Chicago before, and gave it up in a trade, I managed to pick up the following:

(another) Heller Chicago
Yellow Striped marked with Clough’s patent.
Carters ink marked for Cloughs patent
Carters Ink marked for Williamson’s patent
Cummings Sarsparilla
Red Star Cough Syrup
Youth-G-Lede Hair Colouring
Brown Iron Bitters
Valley Tan Remedies

Those bold, do not appear on BT’s list of known Clough advertising corkscrews (always nice to find a few “new” ads).


There is also an interesting Clough sheath with a smaller worm, and Rockwell Clough advertising-this one reads “CLOUGH’S CENTENNIAL WIRE CORK SCREW, PAT’D APR. 6- 75, PAT’D FEB. 1- 76.” While this has turned up in the past, on occasion, it will make a nice addition to the Clough collection.



Of course, there are more corkscrews to share beyond this grouping. One of which I was thrilled to pick up.

For those of you that are regular readers, you might remember the Klages cigar corkscrew that I mentioned last month.


How could I resist adding a cigar corkscrew to our collection? This one is not marked with the Patent Pending mark, but is marked NON PLUS ULTRA across the cigar band.




An advertisement for Non Plus Ultra Cigars perhaps?


There are even more corkscrew stories to share, and several other deals in the works. And, of course, the corkscrew collectors auction will soon be upon us. Who knows what might turn up there.

Stay tuned.

adding to Barry’s list

In the most recent issue of The Bottle Scrue Times, Barry Taylor wrote an excellent article on Clough medicine corkscrews, both the flat band and wire types. And, at the end of the article he included a comprehensive list of known Cloughs with advertising.

This, ultimately, will be published on the ICCA’s website for all to see, with hopes that the corkscrew collecting community will continually contribute to it as we discover “new” Cloughs with advertising.

The other day, an interesting Clough with advertising–that of the flat band version–was put up on eBay for a low buy it now. Not really really low, but low enough that it was a fair price.

I grabbed my copy of the BST, and skimmed to Barry’s article (pausing repeatedly to gander at all the Spanish corkscrews from Don Bull’s article in said issue). And, there was the list.


Okay here we go…

Jefferson Club
Jiffy Wire
Judson’s Gold Paint

Okay, Judson’s. But, the seller of the Clough is explained it was an ad for Judson’s Dye.

I went back to the listing, and checked again.

Interestingly, while there are pictures of the advertisement it only shows the tail end of the ad, and nothing regarding to Judson’s.




I also checked Don’s website for his listed Clough corkscrews, no Judson’s Dye there. And, I went back to some old emails from Bob Gilbride, and on his list of Clough’s, no Judson’s Dye there either.

I don’t have a Judson’s Paint, nor a Judson’s Dye, so why not…

So. I clicked the button, and will wait for it to arrive.

But, it looks like we have found another Clough (flat band advertising) variation to add to Barry’s list.