The “NIFF-T” Hammer Kit


While you will recognize this tool kit, as the L.E.B. Pocket Tool Kit with Cork Puller, the following advertisement comes from a 1913 issue of the The Shepherd’s Journal:

The “NIFF-T” Hammer Kit

is an intensely practical tool set to have about the house, the office desk or in your camping outfit, put one in your automobile.  There will be dozens of times you will bless the day you bought it.

  1. The Saw.—Best quality of steel, strong enough to saw a two inch plank or a ham bone, will do all the work that the average flat dweller, traveling man, camper or those wh live in hotels have occasion to do.
  2. The Cork Puller.—Worth the price alone, it’s the only cork puller that will pull the cork without mutilating it or shoving it into the bottle, bit or little they come out in a jiffy, shove the point between the cork and the neck of the bottle, turn hook under the bottom of the cork then pull, out she comes in a jiffy, clean as a whistle.
  3. The Chisel.—How often have you had occasion to do a little repair job, to fix that door that will not stay shut, dozens of uses for a chisel that we need not suggest to you.nifft1
  4. The Tack Claw.—It will not pull spikes, but it will open a cigar box or pull that exasperating nail that’s been threatening dozens of times to tear your clothes.
  5. The Screw Driver—It would Insult our intelligence to suggest its use, but how often have you let a little repair job that’s been making you testy slide because you didn’t hve a screw driver handy.  Here is one right in the handle.
  6. The Reamer.—Some people don’t know what a handy tool a reamer is. It has a hardened cutting edge that will cut metal, you can enlarge holes in either wood, meral, or leather and shave off the tiniest piece evenly all around, even use it as a counter sink to set that screw head into the wood.
  7. The Stiletto.—To punch holes in leather, linens, wood or metal, and it makes a splendid ice pick.

8 and 9.  The Brad-Alls.—Both of these make fine screw drivers for small work, particularly good to fix those troublesome eyeglasses, use them instead of an auger to start screws in hard wood.

The “Niff-T” Hammer Kit and the “Shepherd’s Journal” for one year $1.25 postpaid.  If you have just subscribed for the “Journal,” get this handy tool and have your subscription dated one year.