The. Best. Book Review. Ever.

When the Syroco Corkscrew book was published, I grabbed a couple of extra copies with the intention of gifting one to the Holstein family (the founders of Syroco) and another to the University of Syracuse.

It was also my intention, that the lovely bride and I would be making a road trip to Syracuse to drop these off in person.

Of course, life became life, and those plans had yet to come to fruition.  And, then with Covid-19, and travel being limited, those plans had to be scrapped.

So, after recently engaging with a bit of conversation with another member of the Holstein family, I wrapped up a copy of the book, and mailed it to Alex in Syracuse…

And, as it happens, he is nearing his 96th birthday, and it would come as a surprise; arriving early this week.

I could just picture he and Chuckie (Mrs. Holstein) opening up the box, finding a note that I had written, and then paging through 300+ pages of Syroco history, corkscrews, openers, etc.

And, just the other day, I got an email from Alex.

It brought the biggest smile to my face.  It is indeed, for me, The. Best. Book Review. Ever.

SYROCO_ Front Cover[1]

“A warm and hearty thank you for sending me the masterpiece book on SyrocoWood! You did a wonderful job in capturing the origin of the variety of corkscrews made by our company, many I did not remember until I saw the great photos in your book. You also accurately and beautifully told the family story about how it all began. Your inclusive dedication of this magnificent book to me is not only a surprise but greatly appreciated it, especially now as I approach my 96th birthday. You can’t imagine the pride and appreciation I feel…”

As much as I have been pleased by the fact that the collectors that have acquired this book have mentioned how much they enjoy it, this just made my day.

Thank you to Alex, and to the Holstein family, not only for your willingness to entertain an overzealous collector’s want to learn about your family, your company, and the history of these objects, but for making those objects in the first place, which clearly created that zeal.

And, thank you to Tommy and Ion, this wouldn’t have happened without you!