“…serviceable in any household.”

From a 1905 issue of Irrigation Age (thanks to collector Robert Million)



We are showing herewith an all around tool, which would be serviceable in any household.  By examination of the illustration it will be seen that this tool discloses twelve different combination, as follows :

Hatchet, hammer, wire cutter, wire splicer, pinchers, alligator wrench, leather punch, corkscrew, nail claw, hunter’s knife, can opener and screw driver ; all of which are convenient practical tools, ever ready at hand for immediate use in any emergency, in which event they are especially valuable.

The aggregation of twelve different tools as shown in illustration, if bought separately in any retail hardware store, would cost in the neighborhood of $7.00.  We

will be glad to furnish these tools to any of our readers for $3.50 prepaid, or we will send one of these tools, charges prepaid to our readers sending us a club of ten new subscribers to the Irrigation Age at $1.00.  It will be seen that by securing ten subscriptions to the Irrigation Age and remitting same to us that you may secure a combination of twelve tools which could not be purchased for less than $6.00 or $7.00.

We guarantee this tool to be of the best workmanship and will replace any that show defects.

If you have this Haynes-Bates combination tool. I am interested in acquiring one!

And, I will pay more than $3.50! And, more than the cost of 10 subscriptions to Irrigation Age!