2 Fairchilds!

As mentioned the other day, I grabbed a Fairchild patent Sterlng corkscrew. I did already have one, so I decided to compare the two and see if they are that much different. And, they are decidedly so! Not to be too confusing, but one is marked, ‘pat. appld. for,’ while the other has the patent date of Aug. 21. 88. The mechanism to close the two pieces are also distinct, one has threads, the other has a little rivet where the handle grabs and slides on. There is even a slight size difference, although I don’t have a micrometer handy to measure the exact difference. Also, both are marked STERLING, albeit in different places. The big decision now, is do I keep both, or do I throw one in the box for Mark as I head to the JFO a week from Thursday?

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