swing… and a miss

Just prior to our trip to Chicago, there was a two corkscrew lot on eBay, that I placed a snipe bid upon with hopes 1) that I would win, and 2) that the corkscrew would be signed.

The picture showed a henshall button corkscrew with a concave button, and I figured I might as well go for it.

Here is the image from the listing:

As it happened, auctionsniper did its job, and I ended up the winning bidder.

And, so I waited this past week plus, and today a package arrived in the mail.

Nope… no markings. grrrrr!

Still, a nice early Henshall with concave button, fluted helix, and a junky direct pull to boot.

For those more interested in construction updates: we continued sheet-rocking today, and hopefully tomorrow we will be finished with all the rooms except the guest bath, as the lumberyard didn’t have any water retardant sheetrock. However, taping and mudding will begin starting Monday, and the aforementioned sheetrock for the guest bath should be delivered late Monday to the house.

More updates to follow!!! With pictures!!!


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