slow corkscrew news days…

It seems like there is little to report for the last few days. Nothing found, nothing binned, nothing acquired. The corkscrew gods have apparently gone elsewhere for the time being.

Of course, in a month from now the CCCC AGM begins in Dearborn, only to be followed by the ICCA AGM in Chicago. So, we know that things will be heating up as many of us will corkscrewing around in the midwest!

On another corkscrew note, it is incredibly silent in the UK as well. Petey’s BIN contest is 7 days in, and we have yet to hear a peep regarding his annual contest.

If a corkscrew suddenly turns up, I will report back here. Perhaps one will this weekend at the Union Antiques show! Where there is usually, at least, one or three to be had.


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