basking in the glow…

Well, I have basked in the glow of the golden knight for two days, and have decided to put the gilded galahad up on ebay for sale.  Yes, there will be a reserve.  I mean, I do have to get my 5 bucks back.  And, yes, there will be a buy it now… the paypal account needs a little padding–and, I have to pay for my tuition somehow…
So… it will be listed momentarily.   Keep your eyes peeled.

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  1. Hi mate! Your friend from Malaysia! :)You are a lucky bugger!i am thinking now to myself …whether i should pack me bags to USA. Its sure looks cheaper to go threre and search for those Syroco pieces than to shop on ebay! :)i was told by another that his mate bought two knights for the grand price of $75!!!! And a monk for $25!i should be in US……..Good luck on your knight!

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