a positive ebay experience

In the last few weeks there have been several 2nd chance offers on high priced corkscrews that have come through…generally speaking these offers are scams, and I simply delete them.  This morning there was a different 2nd chance offer…  A marked chinnock for which I was one of several underbidders.  I snapped it up, and emailed the seller for confirmation.
He explained that there was as solder mark on the shoulders of the corkscrew, and that was the reason the top bidder decided against it.  He offered a picture of the damage, and said if I was dissatisfied, he would refund my payment.  The solder looks like a definite repair job, and after ab email, he promptly refunded my paypal.
I am sure he will make the offer to others, and someone will be pleased with the offering.   But, what an ebayer !(Antiques61) to stand behind his product!  More transactions should be handled this way!

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