remiss in my duties

It was brought to my attention, that I had not added an entry on here in some time. So, here I am!

Much has happened over the last couple of weeks; commuting back and forth to Boston allows for the occasional corkscrew hunt, but our house there is coming together. Hardwood floors were finished last week, and this week I will start working on the bedrooms.

There is an interesting non-corkscrew phenomenon going on on eBay over the last few days. On last thursday the official sequel to JM Barrie’s Peter Pan was released–now many of you would be saying–JM Barrie died a long time ago how did this happen. It seems that the hospital to whom Barrie donated the rights to Peter Pan did a 100 author search and decided on Geraldine McCaughrean. And, finally the book is out "Peter Pan in Scarlet." Now, one would wonder why this would cause a stir on eBay. Well, it seems that there are only 1500 copies that were signed as the first edition; and, these numbered books hit ebay on Thursday with a buy it now of about 19.99 gbp. Today, the same book is listed for 225 gbp. Obviously there will be other printings, but they are just shooting up in price

I know, it isn’t corkscrews, but it is interesting …. Speaking of corkscrews, I lost out on a Nylin patent yesterday. Each one I have had in the past is missing something…this one was complete, and my bid was surpassed quickly. Oh well…


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