and, the best 6 countdown begins

It is October 24th, and the corkscrew fiscal year ends in a week. Yes, 7 days until the CCCC members are to submit their best 6 corkscrews of the year to the Quarterly Worme.

Each year, the choice is hard. Even when there haven’t been great finds, there are always one or two that should make the list, but don’t.

And, I have settled on the 6.

Now, it could be that over the next 7 days, I might run across a corkscrew that knocks one of the others out of the running. And, quite frankly, I really hope that happens. Not that I feel my best 6 is somehow inadequate, but the mere idea of finding something better is pretty exciting!

So… even though I have my best 6 set, I will wait to reveal all 6 for a couple more days. However, here are a few that might make it:

Oh… decisions decisions…

What are your best 6???

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