I received an email the other day that explained that, “I recently came across a 1917 U-Neek Puller. It is in very good condition and I am interested in possibly selling this and was wondering if you were interested in this.”

I responded requesting pictures and such, but then revisited the email, and decided to call the phone number that was provided. It seems that the person that came across the U-Neek, doesn’t have access to a digital camera, and had a family member send the email on their behalf.

We talked for a bit about how he came to know what the U-Neek was, prices online, rarity of the item, etc., I suggested to him that if he wanted to get that kind of price, that he should throw it on eBay and watch the dollars pour in.

He wondered aloud, what I would be interested in buying the U-Neek for. I thought about it for a moment, and told him that I already have one, but if I was going to make an offer, it would be for a bit less than he could get on eBay.

Given that he doesn’t do eBay, and my offer was pretty darn fair, he agreed to the price.

Of course, I still haven’t seen pictures yet, but he assured me that it looks like it has never been used, and that all the pieces are there. So…just going off his description, I negotiated to buy (to this point) an invisible 1917 Brady patent U-Neek Cork Puller.


Of the various options we discussed for payment, he suggested that we do it COD or Cash on Delivery.

Do people still do that?

Does the post office even still do that?

We discussed alternative options, and I explained that I would head down to our local post office, and see if this was indeed still an option. As is happens, our post master was at the desk, and said that she was just having a discussion with someone recently about the same topic. Not the U-Neek mind you, but the outdated nature of Cash on Delivery. Further, what makes this an odd way to make an exchange, is that the cash needs to be given upon receipt of the package, not opening the package and approving of its contents.


I have no doubt that the seller of the u-neek and I will be able to make the deal happen, and the U-Neek will arrive in a timely manner and as described. I have a feeling, however, it won’t be via a C.O.D…


That all said, if you have an antique corkscrew (invisible or not) I have a very visible pile of cash waiting and ready. One, or a collection, drop me a line, as I am ALWAYS buying (or trading, and very often using antique and vintage corkscrews).


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