Will & Finck and a steel pair of legs

The other day, for some random reason, I decided to search a non-ebay website for Will & Finck. Doubtful that a corkscrew would suddenly present itself, I figured why not see what might be available.

And, unfortunately, a Will & Finck corkscrew did not present itself. What did turn up amongst a few listings was a fabulous Will & Finck carving set with ivory handles. And, for a whopping asking price of 40 dollars.

The blade looks to be in nice shape, it was well marked, and each piece carries the same (albeit faded) monogram.



At 40 bucks, I figured I would flip it another collector that might want a nice carving set.

And, this morning it arrived.

After unpacking the knife, fork, and steel, it is in fantastic shape with the blade looking like it has never been resharpened. No real metal loss, and at almost 15 inches long, it is a pretty fantastic set.


The lovely CEO (Chief Exercise Officer) looked at them and we agreed, we will clean up the blade, and keep them for the collection (and to use on occasion).

On the corkscrew front, I did manage to outbid Petey on a pair of steel legs last night. It is a very nice pair, and will definitely make a nice addition to the (small) leg corkscrew collection.




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