red moon corkscrew and tramp updates

For those of you thinking I was going to give you updates about a tramp, I meant the corkscrew variety. That said, it is currently at 511$–a nice chunk of change, but I am sure it will go higher.


I did manage to snag an interesting corkscrew this morning over coffee. I saw this yesterday on eBay, and emailed the seller to see if the tip of the worm was sharp. The pictures didn’t show one way or the other. She responded with the affirmative, and explained that several people had made offers to her for the piece (BIN’s, selling off eBay, you know the drill). Well, apparently someone made her the "right" offer, as this morning there had been added a buy it now to it.


I thought about it for a while, and looked closely at the picture. I have seen this shape before, and I am thinking it is probably silver. I am without any corkscrew books at the moment, so I figured…well….what the hell! So, the corkscrew below, with a red moon embossed on what looks to be a silver corkscrew is heading my way. Sorry to who ever asked for the deal…


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