Another Chinnock corkscrew…

About a dozen years ago, I received a message from Mark W., who had found a corkscrew in the wild, but was unsure of what it was.  He sent a picture, and it looked vaguely familiar.

Given I was at home at the time, I grabbed Ferd’s book on mechanical corkscrews, and there it was.

I texted back.  “Buy it!”

He did.

What he had found was a rare Chinnock.  In the World Class Corkscrews book, a similar one is pictured, upper right, page 114.


Mark’s was slightly different, with wooden handle, and unfortunately with some minor damage.  Still, it was a very cool find.

Mark’s find, nor the piece pictured from the World Class book, is marked with Chinnock’s patent information, but it is shown as a Chinnock in the Russell & Erwin catalog, as the text from the book explains.

Still, having had that exchange, and noticing that the small metal handle from the example in the Mechanical book,  I took note.

The other day, the two pillar type of Chinnock turned up on a non-eBay site with a familiar looking handle.  The same handle that is on the Chinnock in the Mechanical books and the World Class book (I should note, the the Chinnock that appears in both books is the same corkscrew)

Unmarked, it appears to be the missing link between the Chinnock that bears the patent date on the handle, and the squat version with the same same handle.


That said, I have three other variations of the Chinnock.  The same two-pillar frame with a wooden handle incised with the patent date, a barrel with an oval opening with the patent date, and a barrel with a rectangular opening with the patent date.

The latest Chinnock, is a nice addition to the collection…

Of course, if we could add the squat barrel example with brass button, it would make for a great fivesome!

If you have any corkscrew marked Chinnock or Chinnock’s with patent information, feel free to drop me a line

And, if you have the squat barrel Chinnock with a metal OR wood handle, let’s make a deal!

2 responses

  1. Hi Josef!
    We recently acquired a Hootch Owl corkscrew. It is missing the ring at the top, and the “screw” otherwise, it has a nice patina, and is in good mechanical condition. I see that you have a Hootch or two in your collection, do you know if there is a way to replace the “screw” without devaluing it? We’re not sure where to go with it. I can send photos if you would like. Any info you can share with us would be greatly appreciated!

    Carla Westerman
    Glenwood Springs, CO

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