Brimfield: Day One

I will preface this by saying, we have been in Holland, MA for two days already, having escaped the island for a few days before the Brimfield show would be starting.

Given this is July, we expected to have a small dealer turn out, as is often the case in July. Still, I arrived around daybreak and started the search.

In short order, I was flagged down by a dealer friend that had happened upon a zig-zag without the caplifters; a deal was struck in short order, and I was off again.

Then there was a Watkins Glen flash for 5 dollars.

And, then a Niagara flash for 3 dollars

At one booth, there was a familar looking direct pull, and after closer look, it was indeed an advertisement for Bartholomay Brewing out of Rochester, and at 10 dollars, I couldn’t not buy it.

Around 10, the lovely lovely was going to arrive at the fields for a bit of hunting, and I focused the hunt near where she would be parking. And, in one booth, was a Chippendale patent cigar cutter / corkscrew.

Now, I already have a Chippendale in the collection, but this is not a corkscrew that often turns up, and the price was beyond fair…and it is the first time I have seen one available in the wild.

Thus far, it was the best corkscew at the show.

After meeting up with the lovely, we sauntered down to a couple of fields that would be opening shortly, and there was a purchase made of a Sterling handled opener with corkscrew and a Heiring patent that advertises Golden Wedding Whiskey…

This trip is going to be short, and while we will be at the fields tomorrow, we will be heading back to Maine in the late morning.

Still, a great couple of days, and a Chippendale! A good trip to the Brim…

Oh… there were some other things to buy at Brimfield:

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