If you only get to stop once, make it a good one…

The lovely personal personal trainer and I headed off island yesterday, and after running a few errands, started heading towards Stowe, VT.

With daylight fleeting, and many miles to traverse, we buzzed the blue highways through Maine. Taking a route we had never traveled before, we rounded a corner and saw an antique store that looked promising. Now, we had passed many antique stores along the way, and I made note to take this route the next time at a more leisurely pace.

After parking in front of the store, and taking Philos for a short walk, we headed over to the shop.

We were greeted warmly by the owner, and while I was looking at a small case he came over. I had noticed a small folding bow, and a small listerine clough. He unlocked the case, and as I was looking that much closer, I noticed another helix under the first bow.

After picking up the first bow, and the piece of paper underneath it, there it was. A 18th century folding bow!

I picked it up, to which the dealer responded, “oh, you like the older one.”


“That will be ten dollars.”


This was definitely a good stop!

The lovely and I made our way around the rest of the store, occasionally interrupted by the aforementioned dealer suggesting we look over here, or over there. There were a couple of other corkscrews, but this was the gem.

We paid our ten dollars, hopped back in the xterra, and continued on to Stowe.