Humason and Beckley update

I was off island yesterday, running some errands (not finding any corkscrews) and when I returned yesterday evening, I received the following email.

Josef, you are absolutely right, I will take care of it directly.

The re-made H & B corkscrew was pulled offline, as the description did not explain that the seller created it. I did suggest changing the description, when I had contacted him. My note read:

Thanks for your frank response. And, obviously you do nice work! That said, you might want to disclose in your listing that this handle is one you made, as opposed to an original one from the 1880’s. It would be a shame for a collector of antique corkscrews to buy this, thinking it is a rare ivory handled Humason and Beckley corkscrew, only to come to realize that the handle is of modern manufacture. Stating that it is your craftwork would allow the buyers to make an informed decision.

While there are some folk out there not disclosing damage, sometimes misrepresenting their items, or selling reproductions or corkscrews that are questionable, it is nice to see that a dealer/seller was willing to fix the issue.

Kudos to him!