birthdays, frarys, and back to the island

The birthday festivities were fabulous! After a boat ride to the mainland, the lovely and I headed to lunch at Amalfi overlooking the harbor, then it was off to Samoset for a little driving range time.

After the driving range, we got ready for dinner and headed to Primo for dinner. Yum! Just before heading out for dinner, the lovely presented me with a fantastic b-day gift; cufflinks with a corkscrew motif she had a local glass artist make for me. They are awesome.

The next morning was golf, and the course is fabulous. Water everywhere. Most of the course overlooks the Rockland Harbor, or Vinalhaven off in the distance.

After golf, we headed up the coast and did a little antiquing along the way. We ended up in Bar Harbor for the night. The next morning we made the drive back down, and hopped on the boat. It was a great weekend, and there were corkscrews involved. Whilst in Bar Harbor, we happened upon a small farmer’s market. And, in conversation one of the girls selling bread mentioned she too collected antique corkscrews.

Really? I suggested she drop me a line, and I will send her CCCC info (and possibly Tommy’s phone number) if she contacts me.

Upon getting back to the island, there was a corkscrew waiting at the p.o. box. The Frary Giant arrived.

(for all those wondering, it isn’t really a giant corkscrew, more or less a normal size).

A fantastic B-Day weekend!

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